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Data and Voice Structured Cabling

Data and Voice Structured Cabling

The cabling strategy you employ for your data center and organizational telecommunications is fundamental to the success of the implementation. It goes without saying that a poorly conceived cabling strategy or misappropriated cabling will deliver many more headaches than are warranted. Neteam's cabling technicians are seasoned professionals who have seen most cabling scenarios, and understand the importance of providing the appropriate cabling backbone for a company's application. Those applications may encompass voice applications with support for data, graphics, and integrated digital network services ISDN, ADSL, WAN, and LAN. Neteam technicians make a carefully considered cabling assessment before proceeding, and ensure that all data and voice requirements are met. After the solution is determined, we install all cabling to strict TIA/EIA industry standards.

Structured cabling refers to the cabling infrastructure that supports each of the data and voice transmissions you currently use, and anticipate to use down the road. Depending on your site's requirements, your structured cabling may be required to support disparate voice and data cabling, coaxial cabling (for high fidelity audio, television, satellite and broadband connections), twisted-pair cabling (for specific voice, video and LAN applications), fiber-optic cabling (for superior transmission performance in teleconferencing, streaming video, and broadband), and proprietary cabling used exclusively by your data center. For each cable type there also often exist different industry categories that reflect that cable's suitability to task. The numerous variables in a structured cabling installation make it an imperative for your company to choose an experienced provider like Neteam.

Data and Voice Structured Cabling

New-generation voice and data cabling installations, since they handle multiple types of transmissions, must be at once both versatile and reliable. Technicians must address such transmission characteristics as attenuation, near-end crosstalk, and structural return loss, as well as capacitance and resistance specifications. In other words, installing cable isn't a garden-variety endeavour by any means.

Neteam can help you accomplish a successful cabling infrastructure by helping you design a cabling model and use high-performance cabling standards and specifications to best assure its durability and scalability for future needs. All installations also address the site's long-term serviceability and the implicit and explicit transmission boundaries. Upon completion of the install, we'll also perform a rigorous testing regimen to validate that all data and voice capabilities are working properly. This procedure is accompanied by close scrutiny of the work and telecommunications outlet, horizontal cabling, telecommunications closet, the horizontal cross-connect, and backbone cabling. All technical troubleshooting required will be done by industry standards and accepted best practices.

If you are examining the issues surrounding a new structured cabling installation, give Neteam a call. We can help you develop a tactical plan of action and suggest the most appropriate ways to achieve a successful cabling infrastructure.