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The benefits of outsourcing your organization's IT Service Desk are both real and quantifiable. Such a strategic move can result directly in increased profits, productivity, service quality, business value, and types of support.

Neteam's Help Desk outsourcing program has been acknowledged by its clients as responsive, knowledgeable, and supportive. Our organization understands the unique, high priority requirements typically associated with help desk requests. Moreover, we understand the concerns regarding loss of control, lack of flexibility and security issues that are all major considerations when thinking about deploying remote technical support under an outsourced service desk.

Neteam's Help Desk solution, unlike so many competing services, is domestically based in New York, and when necessary utilizes the wide and diverse experiences of our network engineering team. Three levels of support are provided: phone consultations, engineer consultations, and onsite remediation. In short, Neteam's Help Desk encompasses much more than cursory hand-holding over the phone. Your issue is addressed by an entire team of technical experts and specialists with many years experience in their discipline. We guarantee your system and networking issues will be resolved, and will accommodate your business schedule to achieve a successful resolution.

Neteam's remote Help Desk provides the following services and validation:

  • Remote technical support
  • Incident creation
  • Web-based ticket initiation
  • Email ticket initiation
  • Automated incident generation SNMP alerts
  • Incident life cycle management end-to-end
  • Diagnose & Dispatching
  • Help Desk - application support, shrink wrapped or proprietary
  • Levels 1, 2 & 3 technical support
  • Remote help desk for mobile devices
  • Proactive incident management to client specific Service Level Agreements
  • Escalation management
  • Real-time web-based ticket view
  • Asset tracking
  • Reporting
  • Incident status updates via email or pager

Our remote Help Desk will prove its value to your organization in short order. The quality of service you receive will be apparent immediately, your company's return on investment will be substantial, and the time saved on internal help desk management will free resources to pursue more significant endeavors.

Contact one of our service representatives to inquire about the specifics of a Help Desk agreement with Neteam. It is no exaggeration to describe our service as one of those truly rare scenarios: a win-win event.