Information Technology Solutions - Network Security

Network Security

Network security is an organization's most prevailing IT concern. Without proper protection, any part of any network can be susceptible to attacks or unauthorized activity. Routers, switches, and hosts can all be violated by professional hackers, company competitors, or even internal employees.

Neteam's Network Managed Services is a subscription-based solution that provides 24-hour network management and remote network monitoring. Our engineers and technicians thereafter will help detect, identify, and block software attacks or intruder access before they can invade and cause damage to your online assets.

Network Managed Services keep your system up-to-date and protected from all potential hacks, virus and malware threats. Engaging our company to provide oversight to your network environment allows your organization to seamlessly:

  • Manage costs;
  • Increase efficiency;
  • Improve network visibility; and
  • Increase network performance.
  • Neteam's veteran networking staff will provide the following essential support measures to ensure your network and underlying infrastructure are secure and properly configured.

    Security Patch Management. This essential network maintenance function safeguards your infrastructure from obsolete security protection, which makes your network susceptible to numerous types of intrusions and breaches. Security patch management addresses each of the critical stages of security oversight:

    • Discovery
      • Discovers all assets across the network, and identifies host details including operating system and open services.
    • Prioritizing Assets
      • Manages your network by categorizing assets into groups or business units.
      • Assigns a business value to asset groups based on its importance to your business operations.
    • Assessment
      • Determines risk profiles based on industry standard ratings.
      • Identifies security vulnerabilities on a regular automated schedule.
    • Reporting
      • Measures the level of business risk associated with your assets according to your organization's existing security policies.
      • Trends overall security posture over time.
    • Remediation
      • Prioritizes and eliminates vulnerabilities by security risk.
    • Verification
      • Verifies the removal of all threats through follow-up audits.

    Log Maintenance. Neteam engineers validate the critical performance areas of your network by periodically auditing the internal log files generated by your network-resident devices. These resources are invaluable for viewing snapshots of the network's multiple configurations, security setup and effectiveness, and any other network events that generate such files. Obsolete logs are purged as well, the number of which can become unwieldy over time and degrade performance.

    Network Tuning & Cleaning. Neteam technicians perform a scheduled optimization of your network to assure that your environment continues to support the technical imperatives of your business. Periodic server tunings assure that your network retains its stability and minimizes the chance for unexpected behaviors than can cripple a company's network. Network tuning and cleaning also encompasses complete backups of all device configurations, and quarterly firmware and OS upgrades.

    Live Network Support. If any network issues arise that can't be resolved from your end, our expert technical services team securely logs in from our offices to your network to diagnose and remedy the dilemma. Phone contact between you and our technicians is maintained through the entire procedure.

    On-Site Technical Support. When an issue arises that is too technically complex or daunting to be resolved using remote assistance, our technicians come to you. Our network engineering team collectively has decades of professional network troubleshooting experience, and we guarantee a successful resolution to any problem regardless of its technical dimensions or characteristics.

    Reporting. Neteam generates performance reports for all significant areas of your network at regular intervals, in order to provide you with the best metrics for evaluating your system usage patterns, bandwidth requirements, and variables that can contribute to more robust performance.

    Vendor Relationship Management. Neteam insulates you from all vendor interactions by acting as your liaison. This frees your organization from dealing directly with logistical bottlenecks like software licensing, support terms, server security compliance, network security solutions, and any number of other issues. Our company has built cohesive partnering relationships with the OEM vendors we employ, which we will parlay into responsive, positive business results for you.

    Neteam's encompassing network security model maximizes your ROI and minimizes potentially harmful networking events. Our seamless monitoring and interplay with your environment assures the lowest incidents of system downtime and the most rapid response to failures should they occur. Contact us today to arrange an evaluation of your current security provision and how Neteam can extend them.