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Dell Hardware Sales

Dell Hardware Sales

Neteam's designation as a Dell Partner guarantees you the quality hardware platform and devices synonymous with the world's leading PC maker, as well as industry-best support and service contracts that make your investment a smart and foolproof one. Take Neteam's years of experience in network installations, hardware configuration, and virtually all else required for an IT infrastructure and you have the foundation for a long-term success strategy for your strategic business and communications requirements.

What specific advantages does a Dell Partner provide you? Neteam's certification will ensure that you:

  • Have access to all of Dell's best-of-class enterprise solutions for energy efficiency, virtualization, and the latest innovations in all types of hardware designed and produced by this industry giant;
  • Receive the most enabling and appropriate architecture solutions, which will reflect directly on the short- and long-term costs associated with your enterprise;
  • Will benefit from our value-added services such as custom hardware and software integration, final assembly and test, financing options, inventory management, consolidation and shipping, custom support engagements and supply-chain solutions.
  • Receive the immediate energy-efficiency benefits of partnering with an acknowledged leader in Green IT;
  • Will have an infrastructure designed to the most rigorous specifications. As a result your business will run faster, better and smarter; and
  • Have access to deals unavailable to the general public.

Furthermore, our Dell Partnership status provides us unique insight into delivering the best solutions using Dell equipment. We have access to Dell technologists, through whom we have gained partner-specific knowledge and best-practices regimens pertaining to Dell equipment optimization. Dell is the hardware platform of choice for hundreds of vertical industries, government, and all types of small businesses alike. Why? Their proven track record for delivering quality hardware solutions at a competitive price, and their benchmark support and service programs.

Another pivotal advantage of having Neteam implement Dell equipment and infrastructure is Dell's unsurpassed breadth of best-in-class enterprise solutions, and our proven reliable installation. These include:


Neteam possesses storage expertise with Dell's award-winning line of PowerVault, EqualLogic and Compellent storage arrays.


Neteam's experience with implementing Dell's award-winning line of PowerEdge blade, rack and tower servers assures the server backbone is properly configured and system downtime is absolutely minimized.

Systems Managemement Certified

Neteam has implemented numerous Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances, which is regarded as one of the most easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable systems management solutions.

Networking and Security Certified

Neteam has been certified for implementing Dell's PowerConnect and Force10 networking products. As such, we can pass on to you attractive reseller discounts and access to support programs reserved only for Dell Partners.

Cloud Services and Solutions

Dell's cloud-enabling technology and virtualization platforms are among the most sophisticated and agile solutions available. Neteam has been implementing cloud infrastructures since the emergence of this new computing model, and we find Dell components unusually reliable and scalable.

In the end, choosing Neteam engineers to install and support a Dell infrastructure provides your company a guaranteed quality implementation, reduced acquisition costs, and a total cost of ownership unachievable from other sources.

Talk to a Neteam representative about all of the benefits and options afforded by a Dell installation.