Information Technology Solutions - Computer Service and Repairs

Computer Service and Repairs

The maintenance and management tasks associated with a company's suite of desktop PCs are both essential and arduous. Ignoring security patches or not applying OS and application updates can have disastrous consequences on both the business and technical sides. Neteam offers full service and support for alleviating all glitches with your workstations, regardless of their configuration, operating system, or the type of malfunction. All our work is guaranteed, and we stand by it by providing you full support after all repairs have been performed.

Neteam's PC technicians can perform the following diagnostic and maintenance tasks, either at your site or ours:

  • PC technical support
  • PC repair/troubleshooting
  • PC setup/ nstallation
  • PC training/tutoring
  • System security testing
  • Hardware upgrades/installation
  • Software upgrades/installation
  • Operating system updates
  • Anti-virus installation/removal
  • Motherboard replacement
  • Memory upgrades
  • Data migration
  • Hard drive installation and partitioning
  • Hard drive disposal
  • Workstation internet configuration
  • Workstation networking setup and configuration
  • Optical drive installation
  • Spyware/malware removal
  • Virus detection and removal
  • All types of hardware peripheral installation

Neteam will expertly diagnose your equipment and perform rapid repairs or replacements, depending on the scenario. We can service your equipment anywhere in the New York metro area, and can address emergency situations quickly and reliably. Our technicians are experienced, diligent, and capable, and will stand behind their work long after the procedures are performed. Whether your business' environment is PC-, Mac-, or Linux-based, whether you have ten computers or a hundred, Neteam has seen it before and will assure your equipment is optimized and performing worry-free.

Alternatively, we can also set up remote sessions on your equipment to determine the problem and repair it remotely. Contact a Neteam representative to receive pricing information for each type of service, and the stipulations of our guarantees on both the equipment and workmanship.