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Hosted Exchange & Mobile Sync

Hosted Exchange & Mobile Sync

Microsoft Exchange is the dominant business messaging platform for business today by a wide margin. It's sophisticated features set, collaborative capabilities, tight integration, and ubiquitous business presence make it the best-of-breed solution for all types of internal business communication. However, its implementation, ongoing maintenance, security provisions, and administration requires an investment in both people and resources that are frequently out of reach of a small- or medium-sized business.

If this describes your business scenario, consider a hosted Exchange solution from Neteam.

Neteam will host your Exchange server and perform all of the maintenance and upgrades required while assuring the integrity of the environment with state-of-the art security facilities. For a small monthly subscription cost, Neteam will provide your company all the advantages enjoyed by larger organizations without the upfront or ongoing costs. These include:

  • Saves money — A hosted Exchange architecture supported by Neteam is the most cost-effective and reliable means for a company to implement it. Our pricing structure is the most attractive in the area.
  • Frees resources — Your IT staff will be unburdened from maintaining this large, complex environment.
  • World-class security — Neteam's hosting facilities are buttressed by the best security appliances, firewalls, and administration tools available.
  • Synchronized, anywhere access — Your hosted Exchange environment permits any permissioned desktop, laptop, or mobile devices access, and synchronizes data across different platforms. All mobile device security provisions are applied by Neteam technicians. Our deployments support Outlook Web Access and ActiveSync for most major mobile devices.
  • Latest technology — Our hosted Exchange guarantees all latest technologies, security patches, and upgrades are applied immediately to your environment.
  • Anti-spam protection — Your company's Exchange-resident email is protected by inbound and outbound spam filters.
  • Anti-virus protection — Neteam employs the most comprehensive anti-virus protection available.
  • Regular interval, secure data backups — Our backup policy ensures not critical data will ever be lost from your enterprise.
  • Full support — Our technical staff will provide all types of both remote and on-site support when required.

A company should not underestimate the deployment costs of setting up an Exchange environment. Upfront expenses alone will typically exceed $10,000, and ancillary expenses like support and administrator training, ongoing system configuration and maintenance, and hardware upgrades or modifications, can make such a proposition far out of reach for many companies.

Neteam solves all of these issues for you. We currently host dozens of Exchange platforms for New York metro area companies, and maintain each in a high-availability, secure, and expertly supported manner. We would welcome the opportunity to do the same for you.

Contact a Neteam representative to discuss our subscription terms and how our hosted Exchange service is distinguished from others.