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Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business

What is Google Apps, how does it work, and why should your business consider transitioning to it?

In short, Google Apps in a general productivity suite of tools (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation developer, calendar, messaging, web site designer, email) that resides on Google's servers and is accessed through any browser. It is by far the most refined and sophisticated online office suite currently available, and has been adopted as the office productivity solution by scores of large and small organizations. Its breadth of features, tight security, and collaborative capabilities compare favorably to traditional office suites like Microsoft Office or OpenOffice. And its price per user beats the competition hands-down.

The Business edition of Google Apps is comprised of Google Docs, comprised of full-featured word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation applications; Calendar, a collaborative scheduling and contact-management utility; Drive, an online central storage facility for all user files; Sites, a web site creation tool; and Vault, a utility for performing secure archiving. Finally, the email client is Gmail, the most popular online email application in the world.

To abridge the features and capabilities of Google Apps this way does it great disservice. What makes it such an extraordinary platform is the tight integration between its modules (moving a document or a presentation to your project web site takes seconds; scheduling a companywide meeting for the next time slot open for all is done automatically), its ability to support real-time collaboration on all document types, its industrial strength encryption, and availability guaranteed by Google to be 99.9 percent. What's more, Google Apps is a proven product that has grown exponentially in scope, administrative controls, and service reliability as it has matured.

Google Apps is also mobile friendly. It comes pre-installed on a majority of Android devices, supports two-way synchronization on the iPhone and iPad, and employs integration with the Blackberry Enterprise Server to provide full access on that platform. Display characteristics for each app automatically assume the screen dimensions of the device being used. And administrators have the capability to assign mobile permissions and policies to ensure that data remains secure if a device is lost or stolen.

Perhaps the most compelling reason for an organization to adopt Google Apps is its price. The base price for a Business subscription is $5 monthly per user, a tiny fraction of the cost involved with a Microsoft license for Office. And all upgrades, security patches, and ongoing maintenance tasks associated with a locally resident office software installation are removed altogether.

Many resources are available online that detail the benefits of using Google Docs for your enterprise office suite. And we suspect you are already quite familiar with Gmail and the type of expansive options is provides unavailable from other email clients. The value and return on investment for Google Apps is well documented, to say the least.

What can be vexing and cumbersome is performing the transition, particularly your existing documents and administrative infrastructure. Neteam is an authorized reseller for Google Apps, and has been performing complex migrations since the advent of the environment. We are adept at creating interfaces and moving documents to the Google cloud that will effectively accommodate using both Microsoft Office and Google Apps simultaneously. This permits an incremental migration to Google and provides your team the time to learn the logistics and structure of the new platform.

Our technicians also can provide certified training after you commit to Google. Our experience in both large- and small-scale migrations will ensure your move to Google Apps will be a seamless one.