Hosted and Cloud Services

Hosted and Cloud Services

The cloud computing paradigm has been recognized as perhaps the most efficient, flexible, and cost-efficient model through which to deploy an enterprise system. Neteam’s experience and technical proficiency in this exploding arena make our company a prudent choice for transitioning some or all of your enterprise applications to a cloud-hosted environment. The advantages, as you’ll see, are extraordinary, and your return on investment is self-evident.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing refers to a set of pooled computing resources delivered over the internet using a common communications protocol as the interface. The cloud provides an unrestricted environment that makes available an infinite number of resources to the application or website. Cloud implementations are dynamically scalable and support on-the-fly resource sharing. A cloud employs virtualization for achieving its dynamic capabilities, reliable performance, and rigorous security.

What Is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting, simply put, is the actual implementation of a cloud-based system. Cloud hosting entails the utilization of one or many virtual servers from which your applications or website is available through an internet connection. Using a cloud-hosted system is no different from using applications residing on your local server or desktops. The deployment is entirely transparent to all users of the system. The implementation of your system may be on numerous remote virtual servers, but the functionality and performance will be identical to that of locally installed apps. Employing multiple servers accommodates enhanced processing power and makes the application’s infrastructure infinitely scalable.

Why Use Cloud Computing?

Some of the immediate benefits of switching to a cloud-hosted deployment include:

  • Optimized website performance through the utilization of multiple servers;
  • Greatly increased utilization of server resources and processing power;
  • Redundant data storage and failover capabilities for maximum reliability;
  • Complete absence of a single point of failure;
  • Support for flexible growth and scalability;
  • Dynamic Infrastructure: This is perhaps the defining characteristic of a cloud-hosted system. Its inherent flexibility allows your organization to quickly adjust the capacity of the system without a wholesale reworking of its architectural framework. And as it is deployed on virtual servers, the cloud provides a standardized, stable, measurable and secure physical infrastructure.
  • Multi-Tenant Resource Pooling: A cloud’s resources, which encompass memory, processing power, network bandwidth, virtual machines, storage and email services, are pooled together such that they can be used or accessed by different users as required.
  • Elasticity : Since cloud computing is scalable, it is much easier to assess modification needs for expansion or enhancements, including such system characteristics as processing speed, bandwidth, data storage and licensing.
  • Virtual: The cloud-hosted infrastructure is completely transparent to your company, and permits its dimensions and capabilities to be quickly and securely upgraded.
  • Reduced Cost: A cloud-hosted environment from Neteam is remarkably cost effective, as your company pays only the amount of resources it actually uses. This consumption-based billing model, much like that used for the electrical grid, guarantees that your IT overhead will be drastically and immediately slashed.
  • Increased Storage: Cloud-hosted systems can utilize an unlimited amount of online storage resources.
  • Highly Automated: All application and system updates are performed automatically, keeping your environment’s performance and security provisions optimized.
  • Enhanced Mobility: A cloud-hosted environment accommodates easy access to data for either remote or local users.
  • Frees Your IT Team: Your technical team will be no longer constrained to performing server maintenance and upgrades, or trouble-shooting the countless problems that can occur within an enterprise.

Neteam partners with regional data centers to implement and deploy cloud-hosted applications. We can coordinate that the critical portions of your enterprise be transitioned to a cloud-hosted environment, or simply selected enterprise tools and resources. Contact a Neteam representative to discuss how this paradigm shift can improve both your company’s over-arching technical capabilities, as well as its bottom line.

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